About Stormsell

Welcome to Stormsell Weather! The site was originally created to host Bryant's Weather Wall with the hopes for more features in the future. Keep checking back for more cool stuff that are in the works.

About Bryant Sell

Hello, my name is Bryant Sell. I live in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Central PA.

I began coding websites when I was 10 years old. Something else happened when I was 10- Hurricane Isabel. Although Isabel made landfall in North Carolina, it was so cool to see that the impacts of the storm could be felt 400 miles from where it made landfall. I was hooked. The timing could not have been better as the next two hurricane seasons were record breaking seasons. I continued to grow my new passion in the years following.

In May 2015, I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Meteorology.

Today I continue to grow my passion for meteorology by updating and expanding my website as well as interacting with the weather community on Twitter.

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